Great Colleagues

We want to work with people that are competent, fun and inspiring and share our mission and values. Please click here to meet some of our team.

Structured Training

We offer all permanent team members a tailored and structured training which builds excellence in customer service and retail operational know-how. In addition there is an annual retail leadership conference held in Sydney for all qualifying store managers, and additional training in head office across topics as diverse as presentation and negotiation skills, performance management, retail trade practices law and team building workshops. We commit a large part of our annual budget to ensuring our team feel they have the skills required for every step in their retail career at OrotonGroup

Generous Product discounts

We offer generous team member discounts on our Oroton products as a key benefit in joining our team. In addition retail team members are provided a uniform for use in store.

Team Member Recognition

We want to retain our great people and work hard to provide them with lots of career opportunities and ways to grow and learn. But when they reach important milestones like 5 and 10 years of service we enjoy rewarding them with gift cards too. We celebrate the personal and individual at orotonGroup. Every single person here is a valued part of our team and encouraged to speak up and be counted.

360 degree review process

We believe in an annual performance review process which is formalised but very much a 2 way conversation. An important part of this process is 1) a 360 degree review – where we ask many employees to assess their managers – and 2) a company-wide survey to ensure everyone gets a chance to speak up and offer ways we can improve OrotonGroup.

Community Involvement

We have supported the Benevolent Society’s research into causes and preventative strategies for domestic violence as well as many local causes near and dear to our team member’s hearts through product donations and service.

Inspirational Speakers

We love hearing from interesting and inspiring speakers in head office. People in retail and or completely different industries are invited to come and share their journey and knowledge with us from time to time.

Exposure to all parts of our business

This is a company that is managed by a team of passionate retailers across all functions, areas and levels of our business. We like to work together transparently, communicate and analyse our business results and customer feedback in an open way with our team every step of the way.  As brand and product designers across several countries and cultures as well as owners of a large online business we believe in constant adaption and new ways of getting the job done. There are always some cross functional projects you can get involved in at OrotonGroup and gain further exposure outside of your business function and area – and we are like to support our team members who want to step outside of their function to try a new career within OrotonGroup.  The world is changing fast and we intend to keep pace!